Sam’s Club is Selling Mini Pineapple Plants That Claim to Help You Stop Snoring

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A pineapple plant that can help you stop snoring? I AM IN!

So, the other day I was shopping for groceries at my local Sam’s Club when I came across these adorable mini pineapple plants and I just had to have them!

This plant is known as the Pineapple Bromeliad plant.

According to the plant tag, it is easy to care for and has some health benefits to it…

The tag reads:

“The Pineapple Bromeliad is an excellent air purifying plant with easy care characteristics.”

Okay, so far so good – easy to care for especially for those that seem to kill every plant they own ha!

The tag continues:

“It’s able to produce oxygen during the night hours which may help improve symptoms of snoring when kept in the bedroom”.

Ahhhh what?!

If you have a spouse that snores, sounds like you need this plant!!

You can find these Pineapple Plants in-store at your local Sam’s Club now while supplies last.

In my store, they were priced at $15.98 and I bought two to keep on my and my husband’s nightstands at night.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, these plants are not edible but they are certainly adorable!

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