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Sam’s Club is Selling A Pre-Lit Halloween Chandelier That Is Creepy Cool

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Say it with me… HALLOWEEN IS A SEASON, not just a day… don’t even bother trying to correct me because I said what I said.

Every year we try to add a little bit more to our stash of Halloween decor, we usually focus on the outside of our home but I’m really wanting to do more inside.

I want to do a haunted house theme and you can not have a proper haunted house without a chandelier!

Conveniently enough, you can buy some super creepy Halloween chandeliers to step things up for Halloween.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has a super cool one that you can get in two different colors and I’m pretty sure I have to go get one, but which color do I want?

Sam’s Club

The spooky chandelier is available in both black and white and wrapped in gauze for a super eerie look!

Sam’s Club

The chandeliers also have scary skulls on full display with glowing eyes that add to the terrifying look of your haunted house.

Sam’s Club

They will add a warm light with 19 LED lights and the chandeliers measure 24 inches x 24 inches x 19 inches but are also lightweight.

Sam’s Club

You can buy your own white pre-lit Halloween chandelier or black pre-lit Halloween chandelier right now at Sam’s Club!

Sam’s Club

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