These Scented Body Shimmer Puffs Are Irresistibly Cute

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My pre-teen daughter is SO hard to shop for. I FINALLY found something fun, that I KNOW my pre-teen will love! And bonus — it won’t break the bank for mom!

These little puffy balls are called Cheeki Puffs. Each puff actually contains a SHIMMER body powder, and the face of one Pikmi.

A Pikmi is that ADORABLE little character whose face is on the little puff. You can usually find these characters in a surprise “lollipop” wrapper — Hence the name Pikmi Pops. My daughter is obsessed!

Not only do these little Chikki Puffs contain glimmer powder — it’s SCENTED! Seriously — Am I too old to get one for myself?

They also have that whole collectible vibe, because you don’t know which Pikmi Pop character you get on your puff. It’s is a total surprise! My daughter is a TOTAL sucker for anything that is packaged as a surprise little character. She ABSOLUTELY loves regular Pikmi Pops — she is going to DIE when she finds out these exist!

“Includes (1) scented shimmer plush displayed inside (1) collectible perfume bottle, (1) surprise message and (1) collector’s guide.”


“There are 4 beautiful shimmer shades to sparkle up your day: rainbow, pink, purple and teal. Each dab will leave you with a soft, scented, sparkling glow!”


There are 40 possible Pikmis to collect, in 6 different little perfume bottle packages.

I completely love that I won’t have to worry about these making a big mess — no glitter all over EVERYTHING — because the shimmer is INSIDE the puff. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!

You can get your own Pikmi Pop Cheeki Puff right on Amazon .

While you’re at Amazon, you can also get your L.O.L Surprise! Dolls. These are another surprise-type toy that kids LOVE!

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