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Shag Cakes Are the Groovy New Baking Trend That Will Take You Right Back To The 70s

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Some of you may be a bit to young to remember shag carpet. People used to even carpet their walls when I was a kid.

Yes, I was born in 70s… moving on…


A shag cake is an entirely new concept to me, but I like it! Like, I’ve just been sitting here scrolling through images of these groovy looking cakes!


So, what’s a shag cake?

A shag cake is a cake that has been decorated in a certain style which has been named ‘shag’. You use “grass piping” tips and many colors of buttercream frosting.


Then using the “grass piping” tips you use a freeform motion to decorate your cake in a psychedelic splash of colors.


The finished look is very reminiscent of the a970s shag carpets and rugs. This is a super fun way to celebrate at a throwback or retro themed party.


Alana Jones-Mann appears to be the creator of the superfly trend (using my 70s lingo as much as possible).


You don’t have to do a whole cake, I’m thinking cupcakes would be fun! The girls and I may tackle this soon!


What do you think about these shag cakes? Do you dig it? Yea, I’m getting a bit cheesy sounding with my 70s talk.


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