People Are Using Shoe Racks To Create A Vertical Hanging Garden And It’s Genius

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There once was a shoe rack that was made for stuffing shoes, but gone are the days where shoe racks were only made for sneakers and flats.

Gardeners are now planting seeds in vertical shoe organizers to plant herbs, vegetables, fruits and even flowers.

Courtesy of @u/ps6000

A plastic shoe rack that costs $5 at IKEA can be now be repurposed to grow lettuce, spinach, herbs, strawberries, etc.

Courtesy of @emilystewart6955

Using a rack that once organized your heels and slippers, can now be used to file your plants as a hanging garden.

Courtesy of @hungary_in_the_desert

Plant as you usually would as if you were potting seeds in the ground, but keep in mind to poke three to five holes in each pocket so water can correctly drain on hydration days.

Courtesy of @hungary_in_the_desert

The best part about this garden is that you can move it from one place to the next whether that’s on the fence in the backyard or hanging in the front of the house as a decor piece.

Courtesy of @hungary_in_the_desert

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