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TikTok Is Obsessed With This Dispenser That Pours 6 Shots At Once

Well, THIS is a fun little gadget to have for your next party or get together.

Courtesy of Shot Buddy

This device that pours SIX shots at one time has been seen on TikTok, and it is taking social media by storm!

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It is called the Shot Buddy and it is super simple to use, and it will totally impress all your guests!

Courtesy of ShotBuddy

Here is how it works

You simply place one shot glass under each spout (spigot?) — there are six spouts — and you pour your drink of choice directly into the top of the Shot Buddy.

VOILA!! Six shots ready to go!

Courtesy of ShotBuddy

Now, the Shot Buddy is only available in Germany at the moment, BUT I have some Great news for those of you that don’t live in Deutschland.

You can get a similar 3D printed shot glass filler thing (shot glass dispenser) on the Etsy website from the JJPrinted shop.

Courtesy of JJPrinted

With THIS version, you can choose from more than ten different colors, they will have it ready to ship in 3 to 5 business days, and the shipping cost on it is only $3.50.

Courtesy of JJPrinted

NOT for large glasses this is a smaller product mean for small shot glasses.
Printed at high infill to ensure sturdiness.
~~Liquid MUST be poured into the direct center to ensure even distribution into each shot glass!~~

Courtesy of JJPrinted

This version is called Shot Glass Dispenser SIX Ways, and it can be purchased right from the JJPrinted shop on Etsy.

It will only run you about TEN BUCKS. Can you believe that?!?

Now, if you are looking for a tasty beverage to use this handy-dandy little gadget for, we have the TASTIEST Jalapeno Margarita recipe! You’re welcome. Ha!