Sign Language Interpreter Keeps Up With Twista, And I Have To Watch It Again

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I’m dead. There is an amazing, now viral video going around of Amber Galloway Gallego interpreting in sign language for the rapper, Twista. Twista is known as one of the fastest rappers around, and Amber keeps up with him word for word sign.

I almost lose my breath watching this clip, because she is signing SO FAST. Even Twista is impressed with her signing abilities! “She’s the real MVP for keeping up wit me,” he captioned on a post on his Twitter account.

Check out the footage below.

The video is the BOMB, but this is not the first time Amber has used her amazing talent for signing to music, and interpreting for a deaf audience. See the clip of her signing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers Below.

Amber is so awesome at what she does, it’s almost hard to believe. It’s no wonder that she has signed for people at over 400 events around the world!


Want a peek into how and why she signs like she does? Check out the video below.

You can follow Amber on her Instagram page, ambergproductions.


You can also checkout her YouTube channel, where she posts videos of herself interpreting songs into ASL sign language. Amber Galloway Gallego.

We applaud you, Amber, for doing what you do, and making the world a little brighter for those around you!

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