Simplifying My Life with Panasonic Link2Cell and Open Ear Headphones

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I had no idea how crazy-messy my life had gotten. Like really, why did I have like fifteen cords running around my desk and three sets of speakers in my office and kitchen?  Every evening, that would stress me out…Not to even mention the fifty-four times I had to holler for my daughter to come to dinner! Wow. If only I had known sooner about Simplifying My Life with Panasonic Link2Cell and Open Ear Headphones.

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I have little or no defense for how crazy-messy my life sometimes gets. I’m a Cool Mom, and sometimes, that just means that sometimes I just don’t have time do some things (like organizing cords on my desk!)–unless there’s some fun craft I can find to go along with it. I’m just super-committed to spending a ton of quality-time with my daughter. What can I say?

Not only that, but sometimes, the fun just gets in the way. Like letting my daughter listen to music–I don’t want to listen to every new pop-artist that she does (ok, sometimes I do–it just depends on the mood). Sometimes I’d like to just have some quiet while I make dinner. Then, when dinner is ready, it takes me several tries to get her attention–and that’s with the headphones on low. There are some nights when she’s migrated that little volume up so loud, I have to go physically retrieve her and that’s just no fun.

In steps Panasonic with their Link2Cell Phone and Open Ear Headphones.

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Now, I have to admit, I initially got the Link2Cell for me and the Open Ear Headphones for my husband, because he’s really into techy-stuff and has wanted some of these for a long time. It all kind-of clicked for me the other night, though.

I was sitting at my desk, staring at the hideous catastrophe that my desk had become. Cords went from one side to the other, I had 2 sets of speakers, and the spot where my iPhone was supposed to sit was filled with little bottles of nail polish and a bottle of water. Plus, I wanted to go cook, but then I’d have to disconnect my phone from the speakers! The box in which the Link2Cell sat started calling my name from the other side of the room…

The Link2Cell could do it all, the box whispered, the cords could be neater, the speakers would be connected via bluetooth to my phone, and I’d have a great place to dock my phone that couldn’t be covered by stuff…

The box was right. I unpacked that Link2Cell and had it installed in less than 10 minutes , random cords cleaned-up and all! I was so happy that I immediately turned-on the music and dashed off to make dinner, totally stoked that I wasn’t leaving a mess behind!

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However, I was quite deflated when the time came to get everybody together for dinner, though. The daughter was in her room with the music cranked and it was one of those nights…She didn’t hear me the first thirty times I called her name–not even from right outside her door. Good thing I wasn’t trying to alert her to a fire!

But then an idea grew out of that escapade…I could give the daughter the Open Ear Headphones. Yeah, they’re a little more expensive of an item than I’d usually dole-out to her on a whim, but heck, she has her own computer! So, what was I worried about?! The next afternoon, before she hooked up the tunes, I handed her the headphones. Oh, my gosh, it was like I had handed her the moon! She literally danced-off to her room, super-excited.

That evening when it came time to get her for dinner, she heard me–the FIRST TIME!!!

Oh, now that was monumental.

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You can find more information at Panasonic, or see their product page if you’d like to learn specifically about the Link2Cell or about the Open Ear Headphones, or for other great holiday ideas, check out Panasonic’s Pinterest page.

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