‘Skeleton Flowers’ Exist and The Petals Change Translucent When It Rains

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This is one of the coolest flowers you can ever plant in your garden!!

Have you ever heard of ‘Skeleton Flowers’? They are given that nickname because when it rains, the petals change from white to translucent.


Isn’t that just amazing?!

The official name of this flower is Diphylleia Grayi and it is a rare perennial.

The petals turn transluscent upon exposure to water and rain. Its white petals become completely clear then they transform back to their original milky white color once dry.

The ¨Skeleton Flower¨ is found in only three locations in the world. The flower is known to grow in colder areas of China and Japan, and in the United States’ Appalachian Mountains.


While these are rare, you can certainly buy seeds and plant them in your yard!

The etsy shop UnusualSeedShop is selling a pack of 30+ Skeleton Flower Seeds for around $10. The best part is, they even tell you how to properly grow them!


I love these and cannot wait to get some seeds to plant!


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