These Skeleton Mermaid Lights Will Light Up The Night This Halloween

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What’s the first word you think of when I say the word “Halloween”? GO!

Okay, time’s up!

I don’t know about you, but what came to my mind was the word “skeleton”. It’s a classic mascot for the spooky holiday.

Well did you know that you could purchase Skeleton string lights online for under 20 dollars? The only catch, is that these string lights are not your regular skeleton decoration.

Courtesy of Oriental Trading

These are MERMAID skeleton string lights and it’s taking everything out of me to not grab wallet and pull out my credit card.

Courtesy of Oriental Trading

The 4 foot long string lights are incredibly intriguing and for some reason, even more spookier than if it was just a regular skeleton.


The illuminated skeleton appears normal until you look at the bottom and realize the feet have been replaced with a green skeleton tail!

Courtesy of Oriental Trading

The light fixture is located in the middle of the skeleton so when the room is dark, you can still see the entire figure, tail and everything.

Courtesy of Oriental Trading

All that’s next for you to do is to hang your lights preferably over a fire mantel or maybe in the front window for trick or treaters to see and buy 2 AA batteries.

You can get the Mermaid Skeleton String Lights Here.


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