These Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts May Just Be The Coolest Thing on The Planet

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Nature makes the coolest freaking things!

There is something called a Skeleton Panda Sea Squirt — or ascidians — and it is so stinkin’ awesome.

You can probably tell why it’s called a Skeleton Panda Sea Squirt just by looking at it.

It looks like a little skeleton with a panda face. Absolutely amazing!!

These spooky little dudes are invertebrates (they don’t have a spine) filter feeders that live in the ocean.

Filter feeding is a method of aquatic feeding in which the animal takes in many small pieces of prey at one time. As opposed to predators who seek out specialized food items, filter feeding is simply opening up your mouth and taking in whatever happens to be there, while filtering out the undesirable parts. 


What Are These Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts?

According to ScubaDiverLife, these Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts eat plankton and detritus — loose rocks and such floating around the ocean.

As Sea Squirt do, as adults, one end of this creepy potato-shaped little guy’s body is always attached to rock or some other solid surface.

When removed from the water, the animal often violently expels water from these siphons, hence the common name of “sea squirt”.


Now, people do have some questions about whether these Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts actually exist.

BUT, these Skeleton Panda Sea Squirt ascidians absolutely do exist.

You can find them in clusters throughout the Pacific ocean, but you have to look close, as they are small- 2.5cm full grown. ⁣


What do YOU think of these Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts?

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