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People Are Buying Skeletons and Taping Them To Their Car Antennas For Halloween

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It’s typical for Halloween goers to go all out during spooky season, which is why it comes at no surprise that people on TikTok are buying plastic skeletons and placing them on their car antennas. 

It’s become a trend on TikTok thanks to TikToker @lyndsayjade to buy mini sized skeletons and taping them on the antennas on some of the cars that conveniently still have them. 

Courtesy of @lyndsayjade

When doing so after car is running and someone is in the front seat driving, the skeleton’s arms and legs are waving in the wind saying hello to others on the road. 

Courtesy of @lyndsayjade

Nothing screams Halloween other than a decorated car for spooky season. 

Courtesy of @lyndsayjade

You can find the plastic skeleton at Target, Walmart or basically any mass retailer that sells Halloween items which you can either zip-tie or tape on your car antenna; just make sure the skeleton is securely placed on. 

Courtesy of @lyndsayjade

Talk about a bone-chilling way to star the Halloween season other than an old fashioned skeleton himself!

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