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Skinny ’90s Eyebrows Are Back and Mama Would Be Proud

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The ’80s and ’90s fashion trends ruled, some crazy things were going on, but man was it fun!

Grab your old caboodle and find your tweezers, because this is a blast from the past.. Skinny ’90s eyebrows are making a comeback!

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Let’s face it, the ’90s were a whole vibe. People who are drawn to that style of fashion and beauty tend to lean into it hard. If you’re going to commit to a wolf cut, feathered bangs or butterfly clips, you’re probably also going to want a slimmer, more tailored brow.

Benefit’s global brow expert, Jared Bailey.
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You can totally tackle this on your own, but experts suggest visiting a professional at least once. This way you have a guide you can go by while plucking or shaving. Experts also recommend shaving over plucking.

Part of the reason for this brow style’s comeback is nostalgia, while others are just interested in having a more low-maintenance brow.

Brow Trio founder Bree Olson
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The 2024 version of Skinny Brows is an upgraded version from the ’90s. More planning with the layout of your entire face with the brow than the craziness we pulled off in the ‘old days’.

One myth about the skinny brows of 2022 are that they’re the same thin brows we remember seeing on our favorite ’90s icons. The truth is, they’re different because we’ve learned a lot since then. Most importantly, we’ve learned that brows bring balance and proportion to your face and eyes. So, today’s thin brow still has density and texture. Even though the shape has slimmed in width, filling them in is key, since brows rare an important anchor while blocking out the proportions of the face.

Benefit’s global brow expert, Jared Bailey.

If you’re nervous about going too thin, start slow. You can always tweeze more later, but growing them back can be a hassle.

The brow experts say they balance the brow using the lips, fuller lips balanced with a fuller brow, thinner lips balanced with a thinner brow. I’ve really never put too much thought into my eyebrows.

So, what do you think of the return of the Skinny Brow? Are you a fan? Do you follow these types of trends? I’m more of a do what I want type of person myself.

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