Apparently ‘Skinny Mirrors’ Exist In Some Retail Stores To Make You Buy More and My Entire Life Is A Lie

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I feel betrayed but on the flip side, I can’t say that I am surprised.

I was today year’s old when I learned that ‘Skinny Mirrors’ exist and they have one purpose – to make you look better in the mirror so you ultimately buy more.

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Yeah, talk about a total trick and honestly, it’s sort of upsetting.

So, you know how sometimes you head into a store to try some clothes on and they look AMAZING on you while in the store?

But then you get home only to find out, it doesn’t look as great? So, you either suck it up and wear it or return it?

Well, that is where Skinny Mirrors come into play.

Back in Season 7 of Shark Tank, Belinda Jasmine pitched the idea of a Skinny Mirror – a mirror designed to make you look better in clothes, giving you more confident and ultimately getting you to buy more.

Shark Tank

The skinny mirror is a full-length mirror equipped with a slimming curve, designed to generate a reflection that makes one appear 2-3 sizes smaller. The slight slimming effect it gives is designed to boost one’s self-esteem, a feature which made the product an instant hit with clothing stores, as the uplift in body confidence translated to an 18% increase in sales.

Skinny Mirrors

Luckily, Belinda did not get an offers from Shark’s and the company has since gone out of business.

However, that hasn’t stopped retailers from using their own versions of Skinny Mirrors and playing some sort of trickery on customers.

Some retailers such as Target have been accused of using skinny mirrors. While Target denies this, they do admit they utilize other things to make their dressing rooms seem more “appealing”. Whatever that means.

The bottom line is, if you feel like something doesn’t look like it did when you tried it on, you aren’t crazy and probably saw yourself in a skinny mirror.

In a perfect world, we’d have clothes fit us appropriately and in a flattering way and of course, not have retailers lie to us about the way they look on.

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