You Can Now Get A ‘Skinny Pig’ That Looks Just Like A Baby Hippo and They Are A New Level of Cuteness

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I don’t know why, but all my life Guinea Pigs have pretty much freaked me TF out.

They are just a bit too mouse-esque for me, I suppose.

But, these Skinny Pigs are Guinea Pigs on a whole different level of cuteness, and I must have one!!

They look just like a baby hippopotamus, don’t they?!?

If you don’t understand, Google “Baby Hippo.” You’re welcome!

Why are they called Skinny Pigs?

Your guess is as good as mine. They are neither skinny nor are they pigs.

What they are is a mostly hairless guinea pig breed, with the exception of a bit of hair on their faces and legs.

They are commonly known as Cavia porcellus in scientific circles.

But, there is nothing scientific about me, so they will be called Skinny Pigs from here on out.

Did You Know That The Skinny Pig Is Not A Naturally Occurring Breed?

That’s right. They were created in a lab.

Scientists found the hairless mutation, and used it for research purposes. All because hairless Guinea Pigs are easier to experiment on than Guinea Pigs with hair.

Yep, that’s pretty morbid. But, you can just give them all to me. I will rescue all the Skinny Pigs!

Now, the Skinny Pigs are rising in popularity as domesticated pets!

They can vary in color — black, pink, Dalmatian, etc.

I can’t choose a favorite color of Skinny Pig. They are all so stinkin’ adorable!

According to Squeaks and Nibbles, Skinny Pigs “are shy, affectionate and social pets that do best in a large indoor enclosure with soft bedding.”

They also thrive around other Guinea pigs — either hairless or traditional.

Skinny Pigs are just a bit smaller than your standard Guinea Pig, weighing in at 1 to 2 pounds.

Unfortunately, that oftentimes means they won’t live as long as their hairy counterparts.

*Sad Face Emoji*

But, they do make good pets, they are adorable, and they are hella unique.

I don’t know about you, but the Skinny Pig is on my fur baby — or furless, as the case may be — bucket list!!

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