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Skittles Is Removing The Green Apple Flavor To Bring Lime Back And I Couldn’t Be Happier

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Skittles is officially back on my good side! We get the lime flavor back!

The original Skittles package had lime flavored candy inside, but since 2013, they changed it to green apple. And ever since, people have been upset.

There was a limited edition all lime package that came out during the summer, but after seeing the demands and complaints, Skittles is finally bringing the lime flavor back full time in the original packages!

“It’s no secret that Lime has been a hot topic for SKITTLES fans since we replaced them with Green Apple back in 2013. Green Apple has had a good run, but the fans have spoken and it’s time for Lime to return to the rainbow. What better way to bring better moments to our loyal fans, than with the return of the most asked about flavor? The joy of Lime can’t be denied anymore. It is back. This time for good.”

Fernando Rodrigues

We’ll see if they keep their word on the “for good” part, but hey! Good riddance to green apple!

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