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7-Eleven is Selling Slurpee Pop! Funko Figures And They Are Super Cute

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I will admit, I’m a sucker for Pop! Funko figures. I can’t see them without an immediate, “Ahhh! How cute!!”

I even have quite a little collection of Pop! Funko figures built up — not on purpose. It kinda just happened when I wasn’t looking. LOL!!


Some of my favorites are The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, the Sour Patch Kids Funko! Pop figures, and (OMG!) these ADORABLE Funko Popsies.


Now, there is a whole new collection of Pop! Funko figures that are about to find a place on my display shelf.


These new Pop! Funko figures are 7-Eleven Slurpees, and Holy Sweet Slurpee!! These are the CUTEST!!


Experience the cool rush of sweet flavor from a 7-Eleven Slurpee® in a brand-new way! Exclusive Funko Pop! Slurpee, in the Good Slurper Cup, is ready to come home with you. 


Each colorful Slurpee Pop! Funko figure comes in an adorable replica Slurpee cup, has a colorful Slurpee top, and of course it has arms and a face.


GAH!! I mean, you have to admit these are hella adorable!!


Each Slurpee Pop! Funko figure is about 4 inches tall, and will look PERFECT sitting on your desk, or a display shelf, or even displayed on a dresser.


You can choose from 4 different flavors — ‘er colors: Red Top, White Top, Blue Top, or Yellow Top.

Or, you know, you can collect them ALL!!!


These Slurpee Pop! Funko figures are only $14.99 each — which is totally reasonable for a Pop! Funko figure.

You can pick up your own Slurpee Pop! Funko figure from the 7-Eleven website.


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