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This Smelly Shoe Hack Gets Rid Of That Foul Foot Smell

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I have a preteen son, and you know what that means. There are smells in this house that satan himself can’t even describe.

The worst offender are the kid’s feet. OH. MY. Gosh.

I mean, I have to remind him DAILY to put on deodorant, and that quells off the armpit stink, but his feet are next-level rank!

Daily foot washing and sock changes are a necessity, but his shoes have to live on the back porch unless I want the entire house smelling like a mixture of rotten milk, preteen body sweat, trash dump, with a hint of dirty diaper.

Luckily, I have found a life hack that helps squash the stank when it comes to this boy’s stenchy foot smell.

We have invested in FAMILY SIZED dry tea bags. It is the ONLY thing we have found that works on the foul smell of his shoes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the shoes still live on the back porch, because I’m not taking any chances!

But, we shove about 5 large dry tea bags down inside each shoe, and those poor tea leaves soak up that funky smell.

There are those times that he tromps through the puddles when it rains — seriously, how hard is it to walk AROUND the water?!? — and that adds a layer of wet dog to the stinking sensation.

If the shoes are damp, we mix about two cups of dry rice with 1/2 cup of baking soda (we buy the bulk size!).


We don our most secure surgical quality gloves, and shove that mixture inside his shoes. Then, we let the shoes sit until they are completely dry.

The mixture of the baking soda and rice really helps with that musty stank.

If you have a kid that has a bit of trouble with the fetor of foulness, give these tricks a try!!

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