Smokey Silver New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial

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It’s New Years Eve. You’re going out tonight. Even though New Years Eve is one of the only times of year it’s appropriate to go over the top with your makeup; you also realize that body glitter isn’t “in” anymore and honestly, who really wants glitter near their eyeball? Your New Years Eve makeup should make you feel sexy, confident, and give you the “hell yeah I’ll take another shot of fireball!” attitude NYE is all about. So if you want your spouse to go “DAAAAAAAMNNN” when you walk out of the bedroom, lets get this show on the road!

New Years Eve makeup tutorial

What you need to create the Smokey Silver New Year’s Eve Look:

  • An eyeshadow a shade or two darker than your skintone
  • A light brown shadow
  • A dark brown shadow
  • A black eyeshadow
  • A metallic silver eyeshadow
  • Falsies if you’re about that life
  • A business card or piece of paper

New Yeaars Eve makeup tutorial

How to create the Smokey Silver New Year’s Eve Look:

Hold a straight edge at the corner of your eye. This is going to act as a template to make a nice straight line. You want it to lay so that it connects your lower lash line to the end of your eyebrow.

First, start with an eyeshadow two or three shades darker than your skin tone. This is going to act as a transition shade and give us a sexy gradient effect. Apply this to your outer corner and crease. Start in the outer edge of your eye, and as there is less product on your brush, begin to bring it inwards. Really go ham here girl, this is your moment.

Next, repeat step two with your light brown shade, only this time, keep it slightly within the eyeshadow you just laid down.

Then, repeat step two, again, slightly within the shadow you just laid down, with your brown. We going to keep going darker with out shadows, and smaller with our shapes

Finally, in an even smaller area, use your black shade.

Pat a silver shade on your eyelid. Really starting to come together. If you really want people to be able to see you from outer space, wet your brush before applying.

Line your lower lash line with your dark brown shadow about halfway, stopping at your iris.

Add some mascara and lashes and you’re ready to go. Are you feelin’ yourself? You should be.

Silver New years eve makeup tutorial

Pair this with some sexy Beyoncé-inspired big hair  and a nude lip and you’re ready for that Fireball!

Love this look, but need help blending? Check out this blending tutorial!

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  1. Hi, I was wondering what you used for the silver shade? I was able to duplicate all of the steps but I don’t think I have anything that pigmented or whatever the case may be because my silver looked more dim than yours. NYE was a success in any case. Cheers, Madison

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