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Oreo Is Bringing Back Their S’mores Flavored Cookies Just in Time for Bonfire Season

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Oreo believes that when it comes to roasting s’mores, there should be no work involved.

Granted it may only take a few minutes to smash melted chocolate and a burnt marshmallow in between two graham crackers but those spare moments should be spent tasting the s’more rather than making it.

Thanks to Oreo, you can now enjoy a s’more right from the packaging considering each cookie has already been prepared for you.

Including marshmallow and chocolate creme sandwiched in between a graham cracker cookie, these Oreo cookies might even be better than the s’mores you’ve made at home.

Courtesy of @oreo

What used to be called S’mores Oreo, now turned S’moreo, Oreo made the right call to change the title of its packaging.

Although don’t be fooled by the different title, the same great taste still exists.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

You can expect each bite to taste exactly like a s’more as if you toasted it by the fire yourself.

And who says we can’t stick these S’moreos in the campfire too!

Courtesy of @snackbetch

You can never go wrong with a side of burnt to your s’more.

Courtesy of @actualsnacks

The fan-favorite cookie plans to return on May 8, just before the start of bonfire season.

Considering this Oreo pack is a limited edition flavor, we’re hoping the pack stays until at least the end of Fall.

Courtesy of @junkfoodmom

Now all there’s left to do is to open the packaging, but that’s the best part.

Courtesy of @snackolator

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