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These Snack Booty Shorts Will Make Your Booty Look Like A Sweet Snack

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When I say these are some booty shorts, I mean they are some BOOTY SHORTS.


Not only are these shorts going to make your hind quarters look plump and juicy, but they are designed to remind people of their favorite snacks — which can only be a good thing, AMIRITE???

These shorts are high waisted booty shorts, and they are meant to fit your features nice and tight. They are super stretchy biker-type shorts, and they definitely give your luscious curves a nice big hug.


No matter what size booty you have I promise you will be breaking necks all day in these shorts. Very comfy and have great stretch quality. I’m very happy & satisfied with my purchase 😊

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Some of the designs you will totally recognize from snacking on your favorite candies and treats.


You will see brands like Snickers, KitKats, Fruity Pebbles, Sour Patch Kids, and more!

Not a big fan of tasty treats? You can also get shorts that rep brands like Juicy Fruit, Charmin Ultra Soft, and even one that “warns” Slippery When Wet.


The material quality of these shorts are more than what I expected. Super stretchy! & I’m glad the logo isn’t iron on. Thanks!

Etsy Reviews

You know what makes them super stretchy? They are “handmade” out of spandex and polyester. They are so comfortable, you may as well not be wearing shorts. But, that would just be weird.


All items are currently in stock and are quickly packed & shipped personally by [seller] from Los Angeles, California


These shorts are so reasonably priced!! You just have to drop a twenty!! Shipping is FREE!!


You can get your own Tasty Treat Booty Shorts from the PinkLemonadeLA shop on Etsy.


Speaking of tasty treats, did you know that McDonald’s has a secret menu drink called a Snickers Iced Coffee?? YUM!!


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