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25 Harry Potter Snacks

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Here are 25 Harry Potter snacks you can make from home!

Harry Potter Movie food

25 Harry Potter Snacks and Treats

  1. I’ve got my witchy priorities straight–I’m starting with Witches Broomstick Candies.
  2. Golden Snitch Pops would probably do a bang-up, sell-out job on Quiddich game days!
  3. Ok, so you want some meat? No burgers here, but order some Basilisk-dogs. Do it. Hissss.
  4. These Cheese and Pretzel Broomstick Snacks rock my bristles.
  5. Soon to be a classic treat for the kids sneaking-in wearing invisible cloaks, Butterbeer Cupcakes .
  6. Ah, of course, milady, I’ll get you that order of Dementor’s Kiss-Away (with free printable) toot-sweet.
  7. Despite what it sounds like, people will order Cockroach Clusters–or maybe they’ll get them as “goodbye gifts” when they didn’t tip well. Either way, they’ll fly off the shelf.
  8. For a very large party, we’ll need a Giant Golden Snitch Cake for the centerpiece!
  9. Acid Pops and Cauldron Cakes will be perfect for small plate desserts.
  10. Little witches, big witches, and similarly-sized wizards will love Broomstick Cookies.
  11. Order up! These Butterbeer Energy Bites are ready for snackin’!
  12. These Butterbeer Cookies are a sure hit with all the dark sorcerers.
  13. Pumpkin Pasties do not come with mostly nekkid girls wearing them–just a plate with a little whipped cream. 
    Harry Potter Snacks Pin
  14. While my patrons wait, they can chow-down on Weasley’s Dragon Roasted Nuts. Make ’em scream for more drinks. Bwahahahaha!
  15. After-dinner drink? Have a Butterbeer Latte.
  16. Owl Cookies will go great with that coffee. Made with real owl! (not really)
  17. The appetizer menu would never be complete without breadstick Skewered Basilisks.
  18. Caramel Coconut Marshmallow Popcorn will be perfect for the lighter-munchers in the wizarding crowd.
  19. When the professors have a rough day in transfiguration, they just want to eat some Licorice Wands and curl-up by the fire to relax.
  20. Bubbling Tea is the perfect glass of bubbly for little house elves.
  21. Order some Hedwig and Errol Owl Cupcakes to-go on your way to the owlery–your posts will come faster than ever!
  22. Butterbeer Soda is so good, I’ll just make a double batch. One for me and one for the customers. Heh.
  23. The true Leaky Cauldron fans will order Hogshead Cornish Balls and eat ’em with a smile.
  24. Half-Blood Oranges (with chocolate) will garnish nearly every dish!
  25. If the signature butterbeer just isn’t your thing, try ordering Pumpkin Juice.
Treats from Harry Potter Movies

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