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The ‘Snacklebox’ Is The Hottest New Food Trend That Makes Outdoor Snacking Extra Bougie

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This new foodie trend is simply blowing my mind.

Some genius looked at a fisherman‘s tackle box and thought, “Huh — I bet there’s another use for that!”

The Snacklebox was born out of this creativity, and moms everywhere just unanimously screamed, “THAT’S GENIUS!!!”

Oh, don’t get me wrong. The Snacklebox isn’t JUST for kids snacks.

Nope. There are SO many uses for this intricate snack container.

Some people are making complex deconstructed charcuterie boards for bachelorette parties on the go.

A charcuterie tacklebox is the most southern thing I’ve ever seen lol I’m so in

Amy Dillman

Guys can take them out to snack on when they want to spend the day on the lake with a beer and a fishing pole.

Day at the beach? Snacklebox.

Day at the lake? Snacklebox.

Day of sports after sports after sports with the kids? Snacklebox.

Taking the kids to the splash pad for the day? Snacklebox.

This crazy awesome foodie hack can actually be recreated and used very easily. It just takes all your favorite snacks and a big ol’ tackle box.

What do you think? Wicked genius, right?

This would even be a spectacular idea for kids’ lunches at school!!

However you use it, I want to see pictures!! I am the most non-creative person you will ever come across, and I need all the ideas I can get!! LOL!!

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