Snickers Is Bringing Back The Fan-Favorite Rockin’ Nut Road Flavor That Has Been Discontinued for 6 years

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If I told you to think of something sweet, what would come to mind?

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If the iconic Snickers bar was your first thought who could blame you, especially when you’re biting into a milk chocolate shell stuffed with caramel, peanuts, and nougat every time the bar meets your mouth.

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But what will make you even more of a crazed fan of the popular chocolate bar is the fact that Snickers is finally bringing back a fan-favorite flavor that has been missing from the shelf life for six years.

Enter: The Rockin’ Nut Road bar.

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If you remember, Snickers’ Rockin’ Nut Road packs a marshmallow flavored nougat, roasted almonds, caramel underneath a dark chocolate shell.

So basically it’s almost like a s’more, but with the crunch of peanuts rather than graham crackers which sounds like the perfect summer snack if you ask me.

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The chocolate bar that coincidentally makes you smile rather than snicker is headed to stores this month nationwide so you can the Rockin’ Nut Road Snickers bar once again on store shelves!

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And here’s hoping the candy bar is here to stay.

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