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The ‘Snickle’ Is The Hot New Food Trend That Combines Pickles and Snickers

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Nope. Not even maybe. I will NOT be trying this new food trend that is a total abomination to foodies everywhere.

We have heard of some bizarre food trends — Pasta Chips, Candy Grapes, Kool-Aid Pickles — but this is perhaps the most repulsive food trend yet.

There is a food trend that is being dubbed the Snickle, and I might vomit right now.


Let’s dissect that word, and we will see exactly what goes into this retched food pairing.

It’s a Snickers bar, combined with a pickle — the Snickle.

Those two words — Snickers and pickle — don’t even belong together in the same sentence, let alone in a food trend.

The hashtag #Snickle on TikTok has amassed more than 10.8 million views, and I have to ask — WHY?!?

Like, are you mad at your taste buds? What did they ever do to you?

This idea was first brought to light when the pair behind Good Mythical MORE, Rhett and Link, taste tested the atrocity on a segment where they asked viewers what they should pickle-ize.

Good Mythical MORE

One viewer retweeted a picture of what was being called the “Snickle,” and the duo that is Rhett and Link decided to give it a try. *Gag*

Good Mythical MORE

NOW, the fad is back, and people all over TikTok are trying this bizarre — and despicable — food trend.

If you want to try this horrid combination — which I highly suggest you don’t — you want to first hollow out the pickle, and then insert the Snickers bar.

You can cut the pickle in half first, and then hollow out both sides.


Then you just wrap the pickle around the Snickers bar like a sandwich.

But, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I can’t even imagine that this would be even SORT OF good.

What do you think? Have you tried the Snickle? Did your taste buds revolt and your stomach turn inside out?

Let us know how it was.

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