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You Can Turn All That Excess Snow In Your Yard Into A Fun Snow Bar. Here’s How.

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I’m betting you are in one of two camps: 1) YAY!! It snowed again!! 2) UGH. It snowed again.

Whether you love that fluffy white cold stuff, or detest it to the extreme, you can’t deny, there are some GREAT things you can do with that leftover snow.

Now, we all know you can build the perfect snowman. Also, every kid I’ve ever known has tried to build their own geniuine igloo — and failed miserably. You can even have the BEST snowball fight imaginable.

BUT, what is the BEST thing you can make out of all that leftover snow? Well, IMHO you should DEFINITELY build your own Snow Bar!!


All it takes is mounding up those piles of snow — perhaps shovel that driveway clean — and then mist it with a very fine bit of water to give it some structure.


Then, you add in a healthy heaping of adult beverages galore, and you have your own Snow Bar.


There are some places that are actually pretty famous for their wintery time Snow Bars. I’m lookin’ at YOU, Switzerland.


But, there is nothing that says you can’t shovel your yard into a heaping helping of adult beverage bliss!


You can even make little seating ledges for your “customers” to relax on while they partake of their winter beverages.


Use your imagination, and make it your own! It is YOUR snow and YOUR Snow Bar, for goodness sake. Give it your own creative flare.


If you need an idea for a signature beverage at your makeshift Snow Bar, look no further than our Delicious Beverages section of the Totally The Bomb website.

We have directions for Grinch Cocktails, Hot Mulled Wine Beverages, Santa Clausmopolitans, and everything in between.


Once you make your awesome Snow Bar, PLEASE send a picture!! I love to see all your creative crafty masterpieces!!

Make sure you have a happy and SAFE winter season!! Enjoy that snow.

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