‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Finalist, Danny Tidwell, Has Died

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There is sad news from the So You Think You Can Dance family; Danny Tidwell, a dancer and runner up during the third season of the show, has passed away at age 35.

Courtesy of Travis Wall on Instagram

The tragic car accident happened on Friday.

Courtesy of Danny Tidwell Fan Page on Instagram

Tidwell’s adoptive brother, Travis Wall broke the news on Saturday via his Instagram page.


Wall began the Instagram post, “My heart is broken. Yesterday I lost a brother. And we all lost a gift.”


He went on to say, “I’m not ready. But I never think I will be. Because I can’t believe this is real. I can’t believe you’re gone.”


“You were more than my brother. You were my inspiration. I idolized you growing up. Wanted to dance just like you. Wanted to be you! I wish I could jump in your arms again like we used to when we were kids and onstage dancing,” Wall continued.


He went on, “We will all remember the joy and passion you brought to everyone you came in contact with through out your journey. A journey cut to short.”


He finished the post, “You are a legend. And I love you so much Danny. Rest In Peace my brother. I can’t believe I’m even typing this. Please pray for my mom and my family during this difficult time.”


Travis Wall posted a second Instagram post on Saturday. It was a video of Travis and Danny dancing as children, and it was captioned, “Danny. Promise me we recreate our first duet together whenever we meet again. Watching this makes me smile. I miss you so much already. #RIP”


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