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You Can Get A Kit To Make Your Own Sock Sloth and It Is Adorable

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We all love sloths right? I mean they like to eat and just lay around. They are us, right?


You can get a sewing kit that has everything that you need to make your very own sock sloth! Seriously, everything you need in one crafty kit!

I had the best day making this, as a 25 year old I have been swinging this little sloth around with pure joy after spending an afternoon in the sunshine making him! Harold is wonderful! I also used the last of the sock, rolled it up and made him a little hat!

Kathryn Elaina – Etsy buyer
Kathryn Elaina

This is great for adults and children. Most children ages 12 and above could probably manage it on their own. Kids under 12 may need some adult supervision.

my 6 year old nephew loved this, although i did the bulk of the work haha! quick delivery also!

Abbie Murphy – Etsy buyer

This is a great gift idea! Not only will they have an activity to occupy some time, but they will have a cuddly adorable sloth to treasure forever!


Your kit will include the following:

  • Socks
  • stuffing
  • needle & thread
  • decoration kit
  • instructions
  • template
  • birth certificate
  • some sweets to eat while crafting

The entire kit comes in a fun package that has everything you need in a Sock Creatures brown bag. The contents vary from kit to kit because these are put together in a custom fashion.


The Sloth Sock Creature kit size will be about 28cm high, 20cm wide, and 10cm deep. You can purchase your very own Sock Sloth Craft Kit on Etsy from SockCreaturesUK for only $13.23.


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