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You Can Make Solar Panel Hula Hoops That’ll Absorb Sunlight So Your Pool Is Always Warm

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Nothing’s worse than stepping into the clear blue waters of your pool and immediately stepping back out because it’s too cold to take a swim.

Even when it may be scorching, the pool temperature rarely matches the weather outside.

Therefore, to heat up your pool naturally this summer, this do it yourself project takes the cake and guess what, you can eat it too.

Introducing hula hoop pool warmers, a natural way to heat up the pool without breaking the bank on an expensive solar cover!

Courtesy of MAKEmagazine

You’ll need a dozen or so hula hoops, black plastic sheeting, scissors, electrical tape and a few tools.

Courtesy of MAKEmagazine

You can make hula hoop pool warmers one of two ways.

Grabbing your hula hoop, place the hoop on the plastic sheet and cut out the same circular shape leaving an inch larger in diameter.

Then, place a piece of electrical tape where the hula hoops join to make it watertight and melt the edges all around.

Courtesy of MAKEmagazine

You can also stuff your hula hoop of inside of a black trash bag, grab a pool noodle, cut into two and make a slit down the middle.

Then, place the cut pool noodles on either ends of the hula hoop pool warmers and you’re done!

Courtesy of @Jenn Hamilton

Keep in mind that when doing this project, you want to make sure your color choice of trash bags are black to absorb heat from the sun which in return will heat up the pool!

A warm get-away for the family is now achievable.

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