This Solar Power Pool Float Illuminates at Night So You Can Swim Underneath the Stars

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We know that when it comes time to picking a pool float in the summer, it’s harder than it looks.

And if we’re going to be spending most of our days poolside, choosing the right one is crucial.

Therefore, if comfortability, style, and uniqueness are at the top of your list, this pretty pool float will check all the boxes written your list.

What’s dubbed the DeeprBlu Inflatable Pool Float Chair, this pool float acts like the big comfy chair in your living room expect it can float on water, and the fact that it’s waterproof too!

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Decorated in colorful palm tree leaves and sea turtles, this pool float comes equipped with all of the essentials to float for hours including cup holders to hold your water bottle and a backrest for extra comfort.

Plus, there’s a built in mesh bottom so you can still feel the water without having to dip your fingers or toes in.

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So say hello to your new sun-kissed glow considering how long this pool float will keep you in the pool.

Thanks to the solar powered feature that makes this float glow, this big, comfy chair will charge during the day so it can illuminate at night!

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And nothing’s better than swimming at night underneath the stars in the summer.

Not to mention this pool float also glows in multiple colors and not just one so you can show off your hot new “ride” in the water when guests are over!

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And when you’re ready to use this float in the water, inflating is easy so you can get in the pool as soon as possible!

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You can currently snag the solar powered pool float/chair on Amazon this summer season.

Whoever thought the perfect pool float didn’t exist, were wrong.

Courtesy of Amazon

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