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Sometimes I Forget To Check On My Friends

I am a busy mom. I work full time and my kid does a lot of stuff. From sun up to sun down– and even after that– it seems like we are going non-stop.

Which means I forget about my friends. A lot.

It isn’t fair to them, and it isn’t fair to me.

My friends mean a lot to me. When I need help, I know I can call them.

I love being with them. Hanging out over drinks at the Mexican restaurant around the corner, swimming all day, just sitting and watching TV.

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I am super lucky to have such cool friends.

But I take them for granted. I just assume they are okay. That if they don’t reach out and ask for help, then they don’t need me.

That’s so dumb, because sometimes I need them, and I don’t bother to ask for help.

Friends matter to a mom. We get so wrapped up in our identities as parents that we sometimes forget about our identities as ourselves.

This is what all those “wine time” memes and videos are about. It’s not about the wine, it’s about connecting with friends.

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I don’t care HOW you connect with your friends, just do it. Make time for each other. Shoot them a text and make sure their life is okay.

Put it on your calendar if you have to.

Just remember your friends. They’re in your life because you chose them, and because they chose you.

There’s something pretty special about that.