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‘Soul’ Is The Newest Disney/Pixar Movie And It Is So Good

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Y’all, we need to talk about the new movie streaming on Disney+, Soul.

Courtesy of Disney/Pixar

Now, you know I am a self-proclaimed Disnerd. If it’s from Disney, I’m going to watch it. Add in a bit of Pixar magic, and you get a film that’s going to be an instant classic.


I was so afraid to watch this one, as all the Disney chat boards I’m on were saying that it wasn’t so great.

OMG!! They were so wrong. Between Jaime Foxx as the voice of Joe Gardner and Tina Fey as the voice of cute little 22, this movie is AMAZING.


It’s about Joe, a music teacher who longs to be in a jazz band and make a name for himself as a jazz piano player.

Courtesy of Disney/Pixar

There is only one problem, the same day he catches his big break, he falls into a man hole, and dies. Well, he doesn’t die, exactly. His body is in the hospital, but his sould is in limbo.


Joe refuses to accept his fate, and tries to get back to earth, so he can join the band and fulfill what he thinks is his SPARK.


While trying to get back to earth, Joe meets 22, a soul who is supposed to be earning their badge to get to earth. Little 22 has been a baby soul for thousands of years, and refuses to do what it takes to earn that earthly badge.


She thinks earth is boring and refuses to make that leap.

As you can imagine, problems ensue, and 22 and Joe end up falling to earth, but they end up in the wrong bodies.


I’m not going to give away the rest — you just have to watch it. It will give you all the warm feelies of UP, with the adventure of Coco.


And, the music!! It is fantabulous! Trent Renor was involved in the music, as was Jon Batiste, and you guys, they did amazing!!


Check out a trailer for Soul below.

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