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You Can Get Sour Patch Kids Bites That Are Tiny Little Sweet And Sour Heads

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I have always been a huge fan of Sour Patch Kids. I like the watermelon ones the best, but their innovation is always top-notch!

Candy Warehouse

I loved the jelly beans they came out with for Easter, and even the Jello! But now they are coming out with a new item that I’m excited about!

To me, these are both creepy and cute. It’s the little sour patch kids…but it’s just their heads. So that part could definitely be perceived as creepy.

But they are also offering them in the watermelons, so I am SUPER excited about that! Little baby watermelon goodness? Yes please!

Both of these have already been spotted at Walmart for $2.78, which is a great price! It also makes it dangerously easy to eat the whole bag in one sitting!


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