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Walmart Has Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

Bruh, look what we found right at Walmart. Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts Candy is here just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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This isn’t your typical chewy, sugar coated Sour Patch Candy. Instead, they are wafer-esque pieces that kick you in the face with the sour, and then end on a happy sweet note.

Dare I say, a little like Sweet Tart Candies.

But, they are BETTER, because they say things like Totes, BRUH, DM ME, YAS, <3, and BAE.

They also have sayings for the SOUR people out there — OVR IT, EW NO, SMH, and FRIEND ZONE. Oh, Dear Lord. I Feel like I’m in middle school all over again.

Each little candy heart has a little Sour Patch Dude on the back. So, you know they are legit.

Walmart has the 13 ounce bags for $2.50. So, you can totally stock up!

You’d *THINK* a 13 ounce bag of these Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts would be enough to last until Valentine’s day — but NOT like I love little waffery heart candies! They may last four days — MAYBE.

But, HEY, I’m not even going to apologize for eating a ton of this candy. They only come out once a year, right?!? I have to get while the gettin’s good!

Courtesy of marketersdream on Instagram

Bruh, I’m totes going to have to stop by Walmart and get these for my Valentine BAE.

Courtesy of marketersdream on Instagram