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SpaghettiOs Packs on the Heat With Frank’s RedHot Sauce for a Spicy New Twist

Franks RedHot is living up to their slogan and proving that you can put their hot sauce on anything and everything.

Considering their newest collaboration with a classic childhood pasta, this is currently the first and only partnership where SpaghettiO’s has changed the way their pasta tastes with another company.

Courtesy of @FranksRedHot

The new flavor mixes the fan-favorite o-shaped pasta and Frank’s RedHot for a spicy version with every spoonful to remind millennials that it’s okay to return to your favorite childhood foods.

What makes for a nostalgic dinner after work, SpaghettiOs packs on the heat with a mild-to-medium heat level according to the company.

Courtesy of the Campbell Soup Company

“Featuring the distinct flavor of the #1 hot sauce in the world*, SpaghettiOs Spicy Original packs a mild-medium heat level that meets growing consumer demand for spicy food,” according to the press release.

Courtesy of @jnkyrdnyc

What’s dubbed the new SpaghettiOs Spicy Original, you can still expect the same tomato sauce and cheese we all fell in love with as kids, just with a flaming new twist.

Pasta with a kick sounds good for dinner doesn’t it.

Courtesy of @jnkyrdnyc

Just don’t let the word “spicy” shy you away from your go-to childhood snack because as the company mentioned, this hotter version is only a mild to medium heat level!

Although for those of you with a spicy tongue (like myself), who says we can’t pour on an extra layer of heat with the bottle from our fridge.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

Let’s pack on the hot sauce!

Courtesy of @snackolator

SpaghettiOs Spicy Original are stocked in retail stores now!

And on your way to the grocery store, grab a second bottle of Frank’s RedHot if you do plan on adding more spice to your pasta.

Courtesy of @spaghettios