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Move Over Christmas Ham, Spam Just Released a Figgy Pudding Flavor for the Holidays

Rather than a Christmas ham as the main course for your holiday dinner, Spam says skip the main meal and go right to dessert.

So move over the holiday cookies because Spam just released a Figgy Pudding for the holidays that doesn’t require baking but rather a sizzling.

Courtesy of @spambrand

So What Is Figgy Pudding?

Courtesy of @spambrand

Spam’s Figgy Pudding combines the same legendary canned meat with the only difference of spiked flavors from the traditional British Christmas dessert, Figgy Pudding.

Courtesy of @snackolater

You can expect flavors including a blend of warm spices and seasonal ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg, fig, and orange flavors to the table.

Courtesy of @spambrand

And no offense to grandma, but we can put aside the sheet of chocolate chip cookies this holiday season.

Courtesy of @spambrand

You can snag a can of the limited-edition, holiday Spam Figgy Pudding currently online at Amazon for $10 and stocked at Walmart for $15.

Consider your Christmas dessert checklist, done.

Courtesy of @danidevoursmaine