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Spider-Man Has Made His Way To Disney+. Here’s What You Want To Know.

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My daughter just asked me why the Spider-Man movies aren’t on Disney+.

Other Marvel-character movies are there, so why was there a huge Spider-Man shaped hole in the Disney+ universe?

Well, guess what!

The Spider-Man movies have dropped onto Disney+, much to the cheers and sheer joy of my nerdy family.


You might notice that not all of the Spider-Man movies are there. Like, why is Tom Holland missing in action?

The Spidey-centric films are actually going to have staggered drop dates.

Sam Raimi’s trilogy — with Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker — and The Amazing Spider-Man — with Andrew Garfield — dropped onto the Disney+ streaming platform today.

We will have to wait until May 12th for Homecoming and Venom — but that’s just right around the corner!

Disney promises us that more Spider-Man titles will be coming later this year.

Spider-Man is part of the Sony franchise, so Disney has had a bit of trouble getting the films.

If you simply can’t wait to see the Spidey movies, most of them are available on other streaming platforms — like Netflix — though sometimes you will have to pay to rent or buy the flick.

What do you think? Are you as excited as my family to see the Spider-Man films hit Disney+?

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