People Are Putting Spider Ornaments on Their Christmas Trees, Here’s Why

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Spiders are creepy crawlers if you ask me but for some, spiders have a different meaning behind them. In fact, People Are Putting Spider Ornaments on Their Christmas Trees, Here’s Why…

Have you ever heard of the Christmas Pickle? Basically where you hide a pickle ornament in your Christmas tree and the first person to find it, wins a prize? Well, this is sort of like that.

People are hiding spider ornaments in their Christmas trees as a sign of good fortune or good luck. The reason? An old folktale.

In Europe, one version of the Christmas spider story was about a widowed mother and her children who were too poor to decorate their Christmas tree, so friendly spiders spun elaborate webs on the evergreen.

When the family awoke on Christmas morning, they opened the curtains and the sunshine hit the webs, turning them silver and gold (sometimes said to be the origin of tinsel). The family had good fortune from then on.

Another version of the story can be read in the image below:

So, if you are feeling like you need a little more luck or good fortune this time of year, it may be time to hide a beautiful spider ornament on your tree.

Amazon is selling several spider ornaments and as much as I hate spiders, this spider ornament is my favorite:

I also love this gold one:

Do you put a spider ornament in your Christmas tree?

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