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TikTok’s New ‘Spooky Bucket Challenge’ Looks Super Fun For Halloween

Another day, another TikTok challenge.

The newest challenge to hit hundreds of thousands of “for your pages” is a Halloween themed activity for friends and family to complete at any retail store.

So if you were thinking Target or Walmart, you’re right on the money.

Courtesy of @michaelandmarisa

The goal of this challenge is to fill a jack-o-lantern pail in 30 minutes while spending 30 dollars or less; plus, every purchase you make has to be Halloween themed, that was a given.

Courtesy of @michaelandmarisa

Fuzzy orange socks, Reese’s pumpkins, pumpkin spice lip gloss, bleeding skeleton candles and who can forget about the Oogie Boogie mugs all conveniently placed in an orange trick or treat bucket.

Courtesy of @michaelandmarisa

Running around retail aisles aiming to fill an entire Halloween pail of only Halloween foods and spooky items in under 30 minutes might sound like a challenge but hey, it’ll be like adult trick-or-treating and on your mark, get set, go!

Courtesy of @michaelandmarisa

Leslie Herron

Wednesday 15th of September 2021

Me and my daughter s and best friend so this ever helloween .one I love helloween .my bedroom is I would love to do this with them are for them