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These Spooky Hand Wall Lights Will Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Haunted House

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Ahhhhh, I love creepy home decor and live for Halloween!

I know Halloween is still a bit away, but now is the time to start planning and prepping so that you can have the spookiest home on the block!

Last year I found some amazing creepy reaching hands and now I have found the perfect wall lights to add into the mix!


These are reaching hands wall decorations for display and to illuminate your creepy space with eerie lighting!

We absolutely love our spooky hand light! We use it to light up our bathroom so that we can make our way in the middle of the night stress-free haha! Came super quickly and looks great, would highly recommend 🙂

Eve Le Neveu – Etsy customer review

They would make the perfect gift for the person that loves all things gothic and spooky too!

Each hand comes with mounting screws, and an LED wax-like candle that is 3 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall.

Vickyologist – Etsy customer review

The LED candles do require 2 AA batteries, but this is much safer than having an actual candle with flame.

I’m obsessed with these creepy wall hands. I placed them in my bathroom and I love how they look.

Vickyologist – Etsy customer review
Adriel Bahe – Etsy customer review

They do include a cutout template and drywall anchors that make mounting the hands easy.


These are literally amazing, I’m doing a gothic girls night at my house and they’re absolutely stunning!

Adriel Bahe – Etsy customer review

If you order 6 or more, they will even include a remote to make them, even more, user-friendly and convenient.


The hands are heavy duty and they are not hollow!

You can order your own creepy hands wall candles from 3DDeluxeStore on Etsy!

Michelle Lopez – Etsy customer review

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