Sprite Lemonade Is Back And This Time It Is Available In Cans So Get Ready To Stock Up

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Sprite has brought back it’s Lemonade, and now you can get it in a can!

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Y’all. I’m speechless right now, and THAT’S hard to do!

I am OBSESSED with all things LEMON right now. That bright summery flavor has me all kinds of ways, and all of them are good!

To know I can crack open a can of Sprite Lemonade — I’m giddy. Move over, water with lemon — SPRITE LEMONADE is here!


This Sprite soda is made with 100% natural flavors — like LEMONADE. I’m dying. Yes, please, I’ll take a case!


This is a limited time soda (WHY?!?!?), so if you see it, grab it up!


Sprite previously brought out this summer beverage in BOTTLES, but now it is available in convenient 12-ounce cans! Thank you, Sprite gods!!


I am freaking giddy about this lemonade product, but I also love the Sprite Ginger, which is out for a limited time as well. It is so much better than that OTHER Gingerale — but you didn’t hear that from me!


Seriously, can Sprite do ANY wrong?!? I am also obsessed with their LYMONADE beverage. Y’all. It’s so good!!


Bottom line, Sprite is KING (Queen?) of the sodas this summer, and Imma need them all!

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