St. Patrick’s Day Trees Are The New Trend and I Love It

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First there were Christmas Trees, then there were Valentine’s Day Trees, and NOW — make way for St. Patrick’s Day Trees!

Courtesy of dessertpixie on Instagram

Green and gold adorn these beautiful trees — and don’t forget the sparkly lights!

Courtesy of dessertpixie on Instagram

Lucky clovers, Leprechaun hats, pots o’ gold galore, and plenty of Erin go Bragh for everyone, these trees are as unique as they are fun!


Just start with your Christmas Tree. Green or white will work fine.


Lights are a necessity — at least for me! If you don’t like the lights, leave them off.

Courtesy of dessertpixie on Instagram

Then you just head out to your local craft store. I always go to Target — because it’s Target — and quite honestly, I’m probably already there buying all the things.

Courtesy of dessertpixie on Instagram

If it’s St. Patrick’s Day related, get it! The more, the better! Then decorate your little heart out.


You could even get all creative, and MAKE your own ornaments! Just use your imagination, and GO FOR IT!


If these trees bring the Luck of the Irish to your house, I’ll be needing one in each room, please!


St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, so grab that tree, and get to decorating.

I’m going to need to see pictures!! Don’t forget to Instagram that baby!


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