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You Can Get A Stained Glass Honeycomb To Go In Your Doorway And It’s Bee-youtiful

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You can get clear crystalized honeycomb — made from glass — to hang in your doorway, and it’s absolutely stunning.


Bees are all the rage right now, aren’t they?

I have at least 3 friends who have started beekeeping, and I’m totally jealous of the honey they are now harvesting from their beehives.

Because bees are now endangered, I have been very careful about the pesticides used on all my plants, and I even have a bee waterer right outside my back door by all my flowers.

But now, you can bring the beauty of the bee INSIDE, by hanging one of these clear crystalized honeycombs in one of your doorways.


See, over on my side of the looking glass we have many types of Crystalline Honeybees. This species are a very rare type of honeybee and are crystal clear, they are made of the most magical angel aura quartz and there Honeycomb looks the same!!! When you come across them it is said they will grant you one wish!!


These cool honeycomb shaped door frame decorations are made from hand cut glass, and they are all soldered together by hand.


These pieces are made with the most gorgeous random clear glass, no two pieces are ever the same I use a variety of clear textures, iridescent and non iridescent glass


They measure 7 1/4” by 8 1/4”, so they are just big enough to look super cool in your doorway.


You can get these gorgeous corner piece, stained glass honey bee decorations at The Sweet Karma Bar shop on Etsy.


They run $119, and you can choose between copper or silver to go with the glass.

Wait for the best part — these stained glass honeycombs ship for FREE!!

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