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Stanley Is Officially Bringing Back The Pink Tumbler And I’m So Excited

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Full disclosure, I LOVE the color pink!

It’s been my favorite color since I was a kid, and I admittedly thought that when I got older, my taste in pink would subside, but boy was I wrong!

Courtesy of Stanley

But it looks like I’m not the only person who adores the color pink.

Remember when Stanley and Starbucks collaborated together to release a shimmery pink tumbler that was a Target exclusive this past winter?

Now who else remembers the frenzy this Elle Woods approved tumbler created?

Many Target stores nationwide were in mayhem once this tumbler hit shelves; in fact, this pretty and pink Quencher sold out in just a few minutes!

The cup was so popular that some Target employees who bought the limited-edition tumbler were fired for purchasing it, how crazy is that?

So it’s safe to say that pink is a widely popular color, but the Starbucks x Stanley collab isn’t the only pink tumbler in Stanley’s Quencher line!

Courtesy of Walmart

There’s the Fuchsia tumbler, the neon pink 40 ounce Quencher, the light Peony, the Flamingo tumbler and one of my favorites, the Pink Parade Stanley with the gold rim!

And let’s not forget about the Valentine’s day tumbler that Stanley released in February, that was decorated in the perfect shade of pink from head to toe.

Courtesy of Stanley

Oh, and there was also the cat-inspired Stanley tumbler, that was purrrfectly covered in a light shade of pink!

Now aside from the pink tumblers of the past, Stanley has just announced something exciting for those of you (like me), who has multiples shades of pink scattered around the house.

According to a recent TikTok video from Stanley, the tumbler company has announced that a fan-favorite pink tumbler will be triumphantly returning very soon!

**Insert internal scream here.

Courtesy of @stanleybrand

The video, which has achieved viral status, teases an outline of the classic Stanley tumbler in white with a pink background!

Other than the color of the Stanley that we know will be making a grand return, the only other detail we know for sure is that the fan-favorite tumbler will be available in 30 ounces!

Courtesy of @stanleybrand

My guess, would be the Stanley x Starbucks shimmering pink tumbler, the Pink Parade Quencher, or maybe even one of the Valentine’s day pink tumblers that were trending in stores!

But after tossing on my FBI cap and doing some digging on Stanley’s website, I did notice a “notify me” button under the Pink Parade tumbler.

And if my memory serves me right, the Pink Parade was only available in 40 ounces when it was first released!

Could the Pink Parade tumbler be the pink Stanley that makes a comeback?

Courtesy of Stanley

Well it’s officially May 7 you guys, which means we finally get to know which popular pink tumbler Stanley has been teasing for the last few days to bring back into stock.

Credit cards at the ready.

Courtesy of Stanley

Drum roll please…..

The drinkware company has officially announced that the PINK. PARADE. tumbler will be returning TODAY on Stanley’s website.

Yes, yes, yes!

Courtesy of @stanley

That’s right, the perfectly pink shaded tumbler with the gold rim and matching pink straw will be back in stock in just a few hours!

And according to Stanley, the pretty and pink tumbler will make its big comeback today, at 12 noon Eastern Time on Stanley’s website, which you can find right here.

Courtesy of @stanley

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