Stanley Is Dropping A New Tumbler That Is Giving Total Summer Vibes

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It looks like Stanley has had enough with the winter season, and we don’t blame them.

Stanley’s newest tumbler will make you want to toss your snow boots in exchange for flip flops.

Courtesy of eBay user @joopydoopy72

What’s been dubbed the Pomelo Stanley, this new Quencher is just as bright as the sun!

The perfect tumbler to pair with for a two-day trip at the beach, Stanley’s Pomelo tumbler is yellow from top to bottom.

Courtesy of eBay user @lynn319487

Although yo can also expect the new tumbler to feature what looks like a blue/grey accent that can be found on logo of this tumbler, and on the top of the cap.

So where can you find this new Stanley?

Courtesy of eBay user @shepareic0

According to several social media users, this new Quencher is expected to release at Dick’s Sporting Goods, while some chains have already stocked this bright yellow tumbler on shelves due to early shipments!

Courtesy of eBay user @shepareic0

But if you can’t make it to Dick’s Sporting Goods anytime soon, you can find the new Pomelo Stanley currently on eBay!

So while you’re waiting on summer to arrive, you can at least sip out of a Stanley that will remind you of the upcoming warmth that will be here in just a few months!

Courtesy of eBay user @joopydoopy72

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