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Mark Your Calendars Because Starbucks Is Offering Black Friday Specials Including Cups At A Huge Discount

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Starbucks is already offering Black Friday specials, and there are more to come, including — Spoiler Alert — discounts on Starbucks Tumblers!

Can you believe we are already knocking on the door to Black Friday? It seems like this year has lasted 5 years, but this last little bit has FLOWN by!

I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if I could have gotten through the last 8 months without Starbucks. It is my bright spot in an otherwise dismal year — thank you, Iced Caramel Macchiatos!


Getting my Starbucks treat of the day just got a little bit better. Now through November 22, Starbucks and Uber Eats are offering something called “Deliver it Forward,” and, y’all, it is going to earn you $10 off on your next Starbucks order!

To take advantage of this AWESOME deal, all you have to do is order Starbucks through Uber Eats for delivery, and then you’ll be emailed a code for $10 off your next delivery order. 

This code can also be sent to up to 30 of your friends and family, so you can share the love. How amazing is that?!?

$10 worth of FREE Starbucks? YES, PLEASE! 

But, guys, the Starbucks Black Friday deals don’t end there! Get yourself a big red marker, and circle November 24th in your planner, write it on your hand, or put it on a sticky note and put that sticky note on your bathroom mirror.

On November 24th, the famous, and uber popular, Starbucks sparkling hot tumbler cups (below) go from $14.95, down to $9.95. Y’ALL!! These tumblers hardly EVER go on sale!!!

PSA — Please don’t buy a bunch of tumblers, and then jack up the price on Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. That is just a jerk move.

You can, however, buy them for all the coffee lovers on your Christmas shopping list!

Have a fun and SAFE Black Friday week, and don’t forget to take advantage of the Starbucks specials while you can!


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