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This Limited-Edition Starbucks Cat Paw Cup Is So Popular, People Were Actually Fighting Over it In Store

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Why, oh why, does China get all the cutest things?

Starbucks recently brought out the most adorable Cat Paw Cup in China, and they literally caused brawls in Starbucks stores!

These much sought after Cat Paw Cups are double-walled and clear with a pinkish interior paw.

Starbucks China

When you fill the empty paw with coffee or milk, the paw shape appears like magic.

And, OMG, I want one!!

According to CNN, these adorable cups debuted in China Starbucks stores on Tuesday, and they pretty much immediately sold out.

Kinda like the Starbucks Black Matte Studded Tumbler in the U.S., right?!?

Only, as far as I know, there weren’t fights breaking out over the black tumblers. LOL!!

These Cat Paw Cups retailed at 199 yuan each — that’s about $30 U.S. dollars, and just about everyone wanted one.

CGTN, a Chinese news outlet, actually shows people fighting in one of Hong Kong’s Starbucks locations — and it’s all because of these Cat Paw Cups.

Now, because of the high demand, Starbucks announced it would be selling 3,000 of the remaining cups online.

Starbucks China / ga.el

Yo. They sold out in — wait for it — ONE SECOND!!

If you really must have one of these 6 ounce precious Cat Paw Cups — and, I’ll admit, I want one — you can get the 2020 version — which looks about the same — on eBay starting at about $15.

Yeah. I thought that was a little weird too. Why the heck are these Cat Paw Cups so inexpensive on eBay when demand was so high?

Oh well. That’s good news for us, right?!?

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