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Starbucks CEO Says He’ll Get On His Knees And ‘Do Whatever You Want,’ To Get Workers To Return To Work

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Starbucks headquarters is just like nearly every other business that let their employees work from home during the pandemic.

That was all fine and dandy back then, but now they STILL aren’t coming back to the office to work.

This has Starbucks interim CEO, Howard Schultz, hella antsy.

Side Note: Thank GOD Howard is back, said every Starbucks employee ever! IYKYK

Howard has tried asking nicely, he’s tried begging, but the employees still aren’t returning to the office.

“I have been unsuccessful, despite everything I’ve tried to do, to get our people back to work,”

“I’ve pleaded with them. I said I’ll get on my knees. I’ll do push-ups. Whatever you want. Come back.”

Howard Schultz

They are not coming back at the level I want them to. And, you know, we’re a very collaborative, creative group. 

Business Insider

It’s not like they are staying at home, and taking advantage of the situation to slack off and play.

Starbucks originally let their staffers work remotely, and now they offer a “hybrid workplace” that allows “flexible options for eligible, non-retail roles.”

Roles that do not have to be based in a specific location are labeled as “remote” while roles that can be fulfilled in multiple locations, such as a combination of home and office, are indicated as “hybrid”


Howard Schultz, however, says he is an “old school” businessman. He’s having a hard time adjusting to this “new generation” of employees who can do their jobs in a different way.

As part of this “new way” of working, the employees don’t necessarily need to come into the office and collaborate with team members to make things work.

Even though it goes against every single thing Howard Schultz has ever known in the business sector, he has not made coming back into the office mandatory.

What do you think about working remotely? Is it effective or counterintuitive to the office setting?

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