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Starbucks Has a Secret Cold Fighting Drink Called The Citrus Defender. Here’s How To Get It.

Sometimes, when you’re feeling extra bleh, you need a little something to warm up your belly and help you kick the yuck away.

Well, Starbucks, everyone’s favorite coffee chain, has your back, because they have a drink on their Starbucks secret menu called a “Citrus Defender” that will have you feeling all better in a jiffy.

Last time I had a scratchy throat this drink was my LIFESAVER. It’s basically the ultimate cold buster.

It’s quite similar to the “Medicine Ball” or Honey Citrus Mint Tea offered but it isn’t as sweet.

Any time you are feeling sick, just give this a try and I swear, it makes a WORLD of a difference.

Starbucks officially named this one the ‘Citrus Defender’ and it is described as “Power through the winter season with our vitamin C packed Defense White Tea, handcrafted with steamed lemonade and honey.”

The main difference between the Medicine Ball (Honey Citrus Mint Tea) and the Citrus Defender is above. Basically just a different tea (no peach or mint).

What’s in the Starbucks Citrus Defender?

The ingredients for a Starbucks Citrus Defender are:

  • 1 Venti cup with half hot water and half steamed lemonade
  • 2 bag of Teavana Defense Wellness Tea
  • 2 Packets of honey

You can show your Barista this recipe here.

I usually go for the optional pump of peppermint syrup, because it just feels extra tingly on my throat, and I like to squish the tea bag really good in my citrus defense tea to really get all the goodness out there.

Everyone on social media LOVES this secret menu item, and some even say to go for extra honey and an optional pump of vanilla just to make it extra fun, but I think the vanilla can make it too sweet.