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Starbucks is Selling A Coffee Mug That Looks Like A Melted Creamsicle

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Summer and popsicles (or ice cream) just go hand in hand.

Now, what if I told you, that a frozen treat + coffee could go together too?

Welp, Starbucks went ahead and released a coffee mug that looks just like a melted creamsicle and it has summer written all over it!

I was browsing my local Starbucks today to see all the beauties they released for summer when this adorable, bright-orange mug caught my eye.

It is literally the color of a creamsicle and even looks like it’s melting over white (again, like a creamsicle).

Before I even had a chance to say anything, the Barista helping me said, “Hey, that looks like a creamsicle” and I was like, yeah I thought so too.

So, if you’re needing a new adorable coffee mug, run to your local Starbucks and grab this one.

While you’re there, grab these Starbucks Neon Hot Cups too!

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